Weekend Walk in the Garden #19: 9th Auguit 2020

I haven’t much to show you that you have not already seen. A few weeks ago I had given up on my runner beans but the recent rain has perked them up no end and it looks as though we will have some beans to harvest by the end of the month. If so, they will continue throughout September and into October.

This rose has been in a container since late in 2018. It had been in the garden but was not doing very well. Being quite smal at the time I decided to uproot it and plant it in the container. It flowered repeatedly throughout last year and has done so again this year.

As a change from taking pictures in the garden, here are a couple of views as if from in the house. Beginning at the front:

And the back:

In the raised bed the beetroot and carrots are doing well. I sowed some spring cabbage earlier in the week. They will be planted out in October, by when the beets and carrots will have been harvested.

If you are sweltering in the mid-thirties centigrade somewhere in Southern England you have my sympathy. The sun was shining at 7am here but a mist came down at 7:30 and has not fully lifted yet. It is still grey outside and only 19 degrees.

That ends our walk for this week. Look out for my next post about Strongbow as the 850th anniversary of his arrival in Ireland approaches.

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