A New Batch of Scary Stories is on the Way.

And I’m in it!

It’s a while now since I contributed a story to The Box Under the Bed. I also contributed to the second in the series. I skipped the third but I have one in the fourth book, Spellblound, available to pre-order now and due for release on October 14th.

I’ve also had the privilege of proof reading a number of the stories and I can tell you that there are some examples of excellent writing. Not surprising since the authors are all award winners, hand-picked by USA Today best selling author Dan Allatorre.

An art collector discovers a missing painting, part of a suite by a famous artist. What horror awaits when all the paintings come together?

A young medium discovers the terrible truth about her spirit guide.

Three witches: one who can change men into birds; one who changes birds into men. And one who has the most valuable skill. Read the story to find what it is.

A superbly realised nightmare vision of a country destroyed by plague and peopled by creatures found only in nightmares: wolves, zombies, vampires. Can the former governor and his mysterious female saviour restore order?

And my story? That’s about a young woman from the present who experiences some of the horrors inflicted, in the past, upon women deemed to be witches.

Don’t miss your chance of reading this blood curdling collection!

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