Why do we Celebrate Stupidity?

This past week an 83 year-old woman from Barnsley has made the rounds of the TV studios after she said she had no intention of following the latest set of Covid restrictions.I saw her in one inerview where she protested her concern for all the other people who are dying from other conditions.

The ‘pluckey’ pensioner from Barnsley celebrated for stupidiy? Image from Daily Mail

How stupid can you get? Does she, and people like her, not realise that every Covid patient in hospital is taking a resource that would otherwise be used by a patient on the waiting list for an operation or diagnostic procedure. At the time of writing there were almost 8,000 people being treated for Covid in hospitals in the UK. That may not mean that as many as that have had operations or procedures postponed, but it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the doctors, nurses, other staff and equipment treating Covid patients are not available for their routine jobs.

By flouting the restrictions you are increasing the likelihood of the virus spreading in your area. Many of those who get it will not suffer. Some will, a few will end up in hospital. When they do, someone waiting for a hip operation, cancer diagnosis or a pacemaker will have to wait days longer. Their pain and anxiety will continue. It will far exceed the discomfort and inconvenience you are experiencing having to stay home.

I’m sharing below the thoughts of Irish author and blogger Max Power on the limits of community spirit.


7 thoughts on “Why do we Celebrate Stupidity?

  1. Lunacy. A woman over here had a small beauty salon. She opened it during the shutdown. Flocks of people shamed the police and governor for arresting her. Now she’s a local hero, running for political office. Just what we need. Hairdressers with no sense of responsibility running things. How did this total global devolution of community happen?

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  2. I’m totally with you on this, Frank. Thanks for sharing Max Power’s article. It’s crazy here in the United States where far too many people believe that wearing a mask denies them of their individual rights. With an individualist mentality, we’ve lost our sense of community. Power puts it well: “I believe that we must maintain our responsibility to our community. Not just to our family but to our neighbours, to the people we say hello to when we pass them on the street, and to strangers who depend on us to do the right thing.”

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  3. I couldn’t agree more Frank, with Max Power too. It’s selfishness to leave off a mask on the grounds it takes away a personal liberty. Those not wearing a mask may take away a personal liberty from others, their life. Mask up for the sake of others and show you accept responsibility.

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  4. I don’t know about the UK, but here in the U.S. there are actually two pandemics … the first is, of course, the coronavirus, but the second is T.S., which stands for Terminal Stupidity. It seems that this pandemic may be spreading to the UK as well. Sigh.

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  5. Totally agree, Frank. Addenbrooke’s Hospital at Cambridge has a backlog of 4000 people waiting for scans – all due to Covid. Let’s hope her local hospital isn’t in the same situation if she ever needs a scan.

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