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My latest book review over on Rosie Amber’s book review site:

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Frank, you can find out more about Frank here

#RBRT Review Team

Frank has been reading The Bird That Sang In Color by Grace Mattioli

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What is the secret of happiness? According to Donna, the first person narrator of this family saga, it is doing your own thing, not making room in your life for other people.

Donna is one of six children of second generation Italian migrants living in a New Jersey suburb. Her story begins in 1970 and continues in instalments at 3 and 4 year intervals until the present day.

At the centre of the story is her older brother, Vincent, the ‘Bird that Sang in Color’ of the title. The family is comparatively well to do. All six children have everything they could possibly want. Not unnaturally their father tries to control their lives, steering them towards college and a well paid…

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