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A Purgatory of Misery

Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax, Chancellor of the Exchequer during the Great Irish Famine

except through a purgatory of misery and starvation, I cannot see how Ireland is to emerge into anything approaching either quiet or prosperity.

Charles Wood, Chancellor of the Exchequer in Lord John Russell’s Whig government, approving the harsher measures contained in the Poor Law Extension Act of June 1847

This is the title and contents page for my book dealing with the Great Irish Famine.


Part One: Context

Chapter one: History

Chapter two: Religion

Chapter three: Physical Geography

Chapter four: Economic Geography

Chapter five: The Growth of Cities

Chapter six: “Top Dog” Mentality

Chapter seven: Responding to Poverty

Chapter eight: Nutrition and Mental Development

Part Two: The Famine Years:

Chapter nine: Autumn/Winter 1845-6

Chapter ten: Autumn/Winter 1846-7

Chapter eleven: Autumn/Winter 1847-8

Chapter twelve: Summer 1848 and After

Part Three: Conclusions

Chapter thirteen: Summing Up

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