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So who am I?



triomocksI’m Frank Parker and I am a writer. I didn’t used to be. Like many people I always wanted to be. On several occasions during my career as an Engineer I produced stories that I submitted to publishers. I even had a writing job once. It involved talking to small and medium sized businesses and writing up profiles for a regional business magazine. To make any money you had to sell advertising to accompany the articles. Selling is not a skill that comes naturally to me so that job did not last long.

I returned to Engineering, working on chemical plants, refineries and power stations throughout the North and Midlands of England. In 1997 I joined a defence contractor as a project administrator, a job that saw me through until retirement in the autumn of 2006. I came to live in the Irish Midlands so as to be near my son and his family. And, now at last, I have the freedom to write.


So far I’ve self-published 4 novels and two collections of short stories. You can find out more about them here. My stories have also appeared in anthologies published independently in County Laois.


I have also pursued a lifelong interest in politics. Between 1985 and 1991 I served as a councilor in North East Lincolnshire. So you should not be surprised to find posts on my blog commenting on current affairs from a broadly Liberal point of view. The environment and the damage we are doing to it, from agri-chemicals and air and water pollution to climate change, has always been a matter of concern to me. As a councilor I argued the case for the local authority to purchase timber products only from sustainable sources.


Since 2013 I have been studying Irish history in an attempt to gain a fuller understanding of the turbulent relationship between that country and its near neighbour. It began when I discovered that among the leaders of the Norman invasion of Ireland in the 12th century were a number of individuals with a prior connection to the county in which I was born and grew up, Herefordshire. That discovery lies behind my historical novel Strongbow’s Wife which describes the invasion and its aftermath from the point of the view of the woman who married one of the most powerful of those leaders. You will find articles about some of the people and places involved by clicking the Hereford and Ireland History tab above.

For the past year I have been researching the background to the period in Irish history usually referred to as The Great Irish Famine. This work was prompted by a friend and together we hope to produce a book on the subject. Early drafts of some of the first few chapters will be presented here shortly.. You can read more about me in this interview on Mercedes Fox’s blog and on Chris Graham’s website. And there’s this at Smashwords.



  1. […] the water scene from her home page… fun reads to be found from this blogger 6. Frank Parker …. an author and one of the many excellent bloggers willing to inspire those around […]

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  3. cmblackwood says:

    Hi, Frank! Just dropping by to show my support for your writing.


  4. Faye Q says:

    Hi Frank, thanks for stopping by. Your posts are a great read and am looking forward to more! 🙂 – Faye


  5. Great to connect Frank as you’ve retired to my country of origin 🙂


  6. Hi Frank, I found your smart blog easily enough. Nice Amazon page too! Janet


  7. […] Frank Parker guests on The Story Reading Ape with a compelling article about the pros and cons of technology. Splitting the atom brought us from valves to transistors to chips to where virtually (no pun intended) anything is available and achievable through the Internet. Advances in medicine have saved countless lives as well as created innumerable monsters, such as multi-resistant strains of bacteria. Then there’s agriculture and genetically modified organisms . . . Hop over to Chris’ blog to read this eye-opening journey through technological advancements … […]


  8. Clive says:

    Hi Frank, thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Yours looks very interesting – happy to follow and look forward to reading more from you.


  9. Daal says:

    how inspiring!

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  10. jenanita01 says:

    After you kindly offered to be a part of our team, I thought I would drop in to say Hello… A pleasure to meet you, Frank…

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  11. jenanita01 says:

    Not sure how to contact you, Frank. I was in the middle of replying to your comment on WP, when they removed you and the comment! I would love you to read Nine Lives as you gave such a lot of help with Lazy Days, but Nine Lives is a thriller, so not sure if that is your cup of tea. If it is, how would you like it delivered? I am flexible with the deadline, so no worries there.

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  12. franklparker says:

    Can’t imagine why my comment was deleted! (Who by?) I have e-mailed you/Anita. Just reply to that with an attachment.


  13. jenanita01 says:

    I had this message appear as I was answering your comment, saying something about spam and that it would be deleted. I can only assume it was something I said!


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