Rosie’s Review-A-Book Challenge #RRABC Frank Reviews THE MEMORY by @judithbarrow77

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Today’s review comes from Frank. You can find out more about Frank here Frank has been reading The Memory by Judith Barrow When I selected this book for review Rosie pointed out that it was a book that leans “heavily towards women’s fiction”. Now that I have read the book I understand what she means by that. I still think that it is a mistake to categorise readers in this way. I understand the importance of categorising books by genre. That helps potential readers decide whether a book is one they would enjoy. But… Continue reading Rosie’s Review-A-Book Challenge #RRABC Frank Reviews THE MEMORY by @judithbarrow77

Why do we Celebrate Stupidity?

This past week an 83 year-old woman from Barnsley has made the rounds of the TV studios after she said she had no intention of following the latest set of Covid restrictions.I saw her in one inerview where she protested her concern for all the other people who are dying from other conditions. How stupid can you get? Does she, and people like her, not realise that every Covid patient in hospital is taking a resource that would otherwise be used by a patient on the waiting list for an operation or diagnostic procedure. At the time of writing there … Continue reading Why do we Celebrate Stupidity?

Remembering 1947

It is a cliché that our childhoods are filled with memories of warm summer days, rarely marred by bad weather. The summer of 1947 epitomises that notion for me and is one reason why I set my novel Summer Day in that particular summer. In England the year began with heavy snow and bitter cold. I had turned five the previous November and should have started school at the end of the Christmas break. Snow drifts had piled up against the ground floor windows of our cottage. Travelling the 3 miles to the village school was impossible. The thaw did … Continue reading Remembering 1947

Sugar and Covid.

Here is a warning from someone in a position of inside knowledge. I am fortunate in having been born with a fast metabolism which ensures that I have rarely been above 60kg/9stone (125lbs). I do like sigar in tea and in coffee, though I don’t drink huge quantities of either. I also like my wife’s baking, puddings and home made jams. However, if you or your loved ones are less fortunate, do please heed Stevie’s warnings and reject the blandishments of advertisers. Continue reading Sugar and Covid.