Men With Grievances.

By sending the Irish party there – it was, after all, on their route back to Ireland – he could kill two birds with one stone. There were men there who would welcome a foreign expedition. They could report back on the likelihood of such a venture achieving success. Continue reading Men With Grievances.

Works in progress – painting seascapes and the ‘white slaves’ of Victorian England .

Originally posted on Rebecca Bryn:
After a month or two not sure what I was going to write after publishing my historical novel, Kindred and Affinity, or even if I was going to write another book, I find myself with two works in progress. The first is an instructional book about painting watercolour seascapes – having been painting the sea for thirty years and having pretty much perfected my own technique, I now feel able to pass on my experience – using masking fluid is something I know many artists struggle with, and the sea has its own particular… Continue reading Works in progress – painting seascapes and the ‘white slaves’ of Victorian England .

Monday Memories – Campaigning Begins

The pattern of local elections in that part of the country at that time was as follows: in Grimsby one third of the councillors stood down in each of three successive years, in Cleethorpes the whole council was re-elected every four years as was the whole of the county council. Cleethorpes elections took place midway between county elections, which occurred on the year without a Grimsby council election. In case that’s difficult to follow: County Council elections took place in 1981, 1985 and 1989. Cleethorpes Borough Council elections in 1983 and 1987, Grimsby Borough Council elections occurred in 1982, 1983 … Continue reading Monday Memories – Campaigning Begins