How Volunteers Respond to Disasters #WATWB

This month I’m linking to a post from a blogger in her seventies who participates in a voluntary project rebuilding homes for people who lost everything as a consequence of wild fires. I’m also linking to regional newspaper coverage of … Continue reading How Volunteers Respond to Disasters #WATWB


Originally posted on lucinda E Clarke:
I had a dream last night, not as earth shattering as Martin Luther King, I’m not that famous and important, and frankly although I was standing on a stage too, no one was listening to me. Sad isn’t it? Now most of us might dream of receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature and then being interviewed on a national Breakfast Show, simpering as the interviewer gushed about our brilliant book – right? Well, my dream wasn’t like that. The stage morphed into a television studio and my interview went something like this: INT: So,… Continue reading I HAD A DREAM