Stevie Interviews Author and Singer-Songwriter Donna W. Hill

The technology exists to make software and web sites accessible to everyone. It’s a matter of 1s and 0s. It’s far cheaper and easier than putting in accommodations for physical access such as wheelchair ramps, bathrooms and elevators, but it doesn’t get done. Continue reading Stevie Interviews Author and Singer-Songwriter Donna W. Hill

Open Book Blog Hop Oct 2 2017

I’ve been a volunteer with a local cancer support charity since the spring of 2010. I mostly work in the garden there. But in 2013 I trained to lead groups of walkers on a programme called ‘Strides for Life‘. Too many of my friends at relatives have been afflicted by this disease which takes lives at random. It’s good to be involved with people who help those recovering from the illness, and family members struggling to come to terms with the fact a loved one has it. This is first time I’ve participated in the Open Book Blog Hop. You … Continue reading Open Book Blog Hop Oct 2 2017

Getting it – or Not?

I am no linguist. Apart from schoolboy French, mostly long forgotten, I know no language other than English. Nevertheless, I have a love of language. One of the fascinating things about the English language is that, whilst there are some things for which there is more than one word, there are also many words that have more than one meaning. It is the latter fact, in relation to one word in particular, that has mired the Irish Cancer Society in controversy in recent days. The particular word is “get”. Meaning #1: acquire, as in “I’m going to get a new … Continue reading Getting it – or Not?

Strides for Life: #atozchallenge

I started volunteering at my local cancer support centre about 6 years ago. The centre has a large garden and I spend 3 or 4 hours each week assisting with its maintenance. A couple of years ago I was asked if I’d like to become involved in the Strides for Life programme. I readily agreed. The programme was devised by Marie Murphy, in conjunction with the Irish Cancer Society. Marie is a former Irish Olympic athlete who lived and worked for many years in California. She spent 14 years working with breast cancer researcher and author, Dr Susan Love, researching … Continue reading Strides for Life: #atozchallenge