Crowd Funding: connecting creatives and savers

In my bookcase there is a volume entitled The Book of the Lincolnshire Seaside. Published in 1981 as part of the centenary celebrations of Nottingham University, it was written by an alumnus of that institution, David A Robinson. It describes the geology, geography and history of the coastline from the north bank of the Wash to the south bank of the Humber. My copy is number 173. At the back is a list of 810 ‘subscribers’, including me at 173. I recently finished reading Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera. You can find my review at … Continue reading Crowd Funding: connecting creatives and savers

No Dumb Blond: Interview with an Environmental Campaigner

I first became aware of Theresa several years ago when I came across her website dedicated to sustainable development. Some time later I received a telephone call from her after the County Arts Office had given her my name as a contact for the Laois Writers’ Group. Theresa became a regular attender at the group’s meetings, where she shared with us her poems and other writings in which she expressed her concerns about the environment, and about what she sees as widespread economic injustice, exacerbated as it was by the political response to the banking collapse. As time passed it … Continue reading No Dumb Blond: Interview with an Environmental Campaigner

Environmental Damage: Solution or Acceptance?

The problem with Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything, is that it is long on defining the problem but vague on solutions. Klein cites various books and articles claiming it is possible to switch 100% of energy production from fossil fuels to renewables in a relatively short time frame (20 to 40 years). I’ve looked at some of those articles and, whilst the solutions they offer are technically possible, their practicality is questionable. Jacobson and Delucchi, for example, in their 2009 Scientific American article, claim the 100% could be achieved world wide by 2030. This plan requires, among other things, the … Continue reading Environmental Damage: Solution or Acceptance?

Channeling Naomi

Yesterday I posted links to my review of  Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything on Goodreads. Also  yesterday I wrote this fiction piece set in a possible future when some of the possibilities she discusses have come to pass. The piece also uses a sentence provided as a prompt by the leader of the writing group to which I belong. You’ll find it near the end. See what you think. The memory of those carefree days could always be relied upon to do it. The years when her every need was catered for – or so it seemed, looking back. The … Continue reading Channeling Naomi

Will this book change anything?

This is a short post to draw attention to my review of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything, which I just posted on Goodreads. As a taster, here are a couple of quotations from the review: Branson’s greenwashing is accompanied by the rapid expansion of his fuel guzzling transport empire [the] Irish rural population is yet another manifestation of Blockadia You can read the whole review here. Better still, read the book and decide for yourself if the change it advocates is something you want, or if you are happy to continue living in fear of the alternative. Continue reading Will this book change anything?

New World Order

The following opening to a possible science fiction story came about in response to a writers’ group prompt: “the mist cleared to reveal …” I wanted to show a group of people arriving on a strange planet and seeing their new surroundings for the first time. To make the story work I had to decide how and why they got there and, most importantly, who they were. My answers to those questions were prompted by the two big news stories of the summer. Firstly, Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to political prominence in the UK, and secondly, the mass migration into Europe … Continue reading New World Order

New World Order – Discussion

Before proceeding, please read at least the opening paragraphs of the post titled ‘New World Order‘. If you have come here via the link at the end of that post welcome to the debate. I offer the following points for discussion in the on-going debate between free-market economics and socialism. Neither the French revolution, the Russian and Irish revolutions, nor more recent left wing movements have succeeded in their original aims. All have, sooner or later, reverted to what seems to be the natural order with a powerful minority controlling the economic life of the rest. All movements need a … Continue reading New World Order – Discussion