Don’t be Scared of Print

If you are someone who feels daunted by what you see as the difficulty of uploading a book to Amazon’s CreateSpace for print publication, don’t be. I’ve just done it for the second time and it was a lot easier than the first. Here’s why. The first time was back in the summer of 2014 and I am certain that some of the features that made it easier this time around were not present then. Like the step where, having uploaded your interior text you wait for 24 hours to receive an e-mail with a link to the converted text … Continue reading Don’t be Scared of Print

What next?

Now that Transgression is finished, aside for changes I might be minded to make following the suggestions of my editor, I need to start work on a new project. I began thinking about this some time ago but am still prevaricating. The Easter Rising – 1916 For a while I was keen to do something related to the events of 1916 in Ireland. It’s a part of the history of the British Isles of which I had only limited knowledge. I knew that there was a rebellion and that the British army put it down fairly quickly. I knew, too, … Continue reading What next?

Awaiting a Verdict

Neither of my previous books has been subjected to independent, professional editing. Everything I’ve ever read about how to succeed as a writer tells me this is a mistake. My aversion to the use of a professional editing service is more than just a reluctance to spend money when there is no certainty of recovering the investment via increased sales. I hate the thought that, once the work has been “interfered with” by a third party it is no longer truly mine. This is almost certainly irrational because the final decision as to whether or not to include the changes … Continue reading Awaiting a Verdict