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Stevie Interviews Author and Singer-Songwriter Donna W. Hill

I’m getting behind with my own author interviews so I’m delighted to be able to share this one between Suffolk based Stevie Turner and Pennsylvania’s Donna W. Hill. I found it truly inspiring – I hope you do too.

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Three Great Stories

Yesterday I shared the long list for the November Word Weaver short story prize. Today Dan has published the 3 ‘honorable mentions’. They are well worth reading and demonstrate the quality of entries this contest attracts.

So I’m pleased to note that I am still there, in the top six!

via Word Weaver Writing Contest November 2017 HONORABLE MENTIONS

What exactly IS ‘Word Weaver’ and who is behind it?

img_2351Remember the post I shared the other day using the late lamented ‘Press This’ button? The one about a story writing contest?

The host has been posting brief CVs of the judges, here, here and here. And then, just today, he posted a longer piece about himself.

Maybe it reveals a man proud of his own achievements to the point of insufferable arrogance. But, then, he’s American and I am British, brought up with that tight lipped English reserve of the stereotypes (though not of the ruling classes!).

But it also reveals a man with a mission to help others achieve great things in his chosen profession. His Word Weaver contests are part of that. I am definitely going to enter. And if you want an honest opinion of your own ability as a writer, and the chance to win a unique package of writing and publishing guidance, you should, too.