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Dan Alatorre’s WORD WEAVER Writing Contest for November 2017 – let the NEW games begin!

Dan’s contests are always worth entering, if only for the critique which is provided for each the first 50 entries this time around.

Source: Dan Alatorre’s WORD WEAVER Writing Contest for November 2017 – let the NEW games begin!


A Halloween visit with Mr. Poe

How well do you know the work of Edgar Allen Poe? Now recognised as one of the greatest short story writers of all time, he did not enjoy massive success at first. Here are some examples of how he crafted great opening lines.

Source: A Halloween visit with Mr. Poe

Splattering Richard over my Laptop

Two writers who also happen to be friends discuss the writing process. This is quite long and is followed with a long excerpt from the current Work In Progress of one of them. However, I think it is well worth the effort.

Source: Splattering Richard over my Laptop

Short Story Winner for October

There were some terrific stories entered in Stevie Turner’s competition. They are all listed in this post, along with the announcement of the winner. I have no quarrel with Stevie’s decision – the story she chose was the one I also rated best of the bunch. If you like a good read, this is for you.

Source: Short Story Winner for October

Anthology Ideology: A Guest Post by J. A. Allen

I have no idea what a ‘gif’ is, and I haven’t clicked any of those links. But I did enjoy reading Ms Allen’s apocalyptic tale in the anthology. If you haven’t yet acquired a copy I urge you to do so. It’s great for dipping in to, just like a box you might find under a bed or in an attic, full of surprises, some to make your skin crawl, or the hairs on the back of you neck to stand up, all revealing the darker side of the human imagination.

Source: Anthology Ideology: A Guest Post by J. A. Allen

Kidney Collection: I’d rather be the worst of the best than silent.

Here’s another post from one of my fellow authors on The Box Under The Bed. Her story is a clever tale of a man with a certain attitude towards women getting his ‘come uppance’. Couldn’t be more topical just now.

If you are one of the 2500 people who downloaded the digital edition whilst it was free the other day, you are in for a treat. Do please show your gratitude by telling all your friends about it and drop a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Source: Kidney Collection: I’d rather be the worst of the best than silent.

“Writers not helping each other? Rubbish.”

This is why I’m excited about being part of this ‘scary story’ project.

My story is based on real events that took place in the North Atlantic in December 1835, involving an Irish ship en-route from Nova Scotia to Limerick.

Source: “Writers not helping each other? Rubbish.”