Forgiveness happens only when we forgive ourselves

The book has recently been reissued by the UK independent publisher TSL Books. The publisher specialises in taking on books and authors who find it difficult to gain the attention of agents and traditional publishers. Most are gems deserving of a wide audience. Johannes Kerkhoven’s book is one such Continue reading Forgiveness happens only when we forgive ourselves

The Power of Forgiveness

Last Sunday I posted another justification for my opposition to #Brexit. Because it was too late to call it a “Saturday Sound Off”, I described it as a “Sunday Sermon”. Here’s another. Not penned by me, but a reminder that, however hurt we might feel, however disturbed by the anger exhibited by others, the hatred directed toward particular groups of individuals, be they Jews, Muslims, Drug Dealers or Profiteers, the only way forward is through forgiveness. Thank you Damyanti and the whole #WATWB team for drawing my attention to this. Do You Read The Humans of New York ? #WATWB Continue reading The Power of Forgiveness