A Weekend Walk in my Garden #3: 19th April 2020.

Marigolds (Calendulas) are ubiquitous in this garden. They readily self-seed. They are not alone in this regard: Aquilegias (Columbine), Jacob’s Ladder, Alchemilla Mollis and Sweet William are among the other plants that pop up in strange places. Continue reading A Weekend Walk in my Garden #3: 19th April 2020.

Gardens and Gardening: #atozchallenge

Throughout World War II gardening was a patriotic duty for UK citizens. Before the war the country had relied heavily on imported food. Now ships bringing essential supplies ran the gauntlet of German U-boats patrolling the principle routes. They did so in convoys, accompanied by British and, later, American war ships. Every patch of land capable of growing a food crop was cultivated. City parks and once ornamental gardens were turned into vegetable plots. Scrub land on hillsides was grubbed up and turned into farm land. Encouraged by such slogans as ‘Dig for Victory’, ordinary folk grew as much of … Continue reading Gardens and Gardening: #atozchallenge

A Gardener who Writes?

What do writers do when they are not writing? In my case it is mostly gardening. In fact, if you were to add up the hours I spend on each activity, gardening would probably win out. Which invites the question: am I a writer who gardens or a gardener who writes? Since the spring of 2010 I have spent around four hours a week tending the garden of a local cancer support centre. In April 2011 we moved into a bungalow in a retirement village. At the time the majority of the homes in the development were incomplete as was … Continue reading A Gardener who Writes?