Two More Terrific Tales

Today I’m sharing the winner and second place stories from the November Word Weaver contest from Dan Alatorre’s website. They are both excellent and well deserve their placement on the top of the heap. Also in Dan’s post today are first details of how you can enter the next Word Weaver contest. You get a professional critique from Dan, just for entering. And there are great opportunities to have your work noticed across Dan’s international network. Continue reading Two More Terrific Tales

Third Place and Proud of it!

So the waiting is over now, for me. Joint third is a good place to be when you’ve never won anything before, and after seeing the quality of the opposition I’m more than a little chuffed! Actually, of course, the waiting isn’t over. Tomorrow comes the pleasure of seeing the two stories the judges deemed better than mine. via Word Weaver Writing Contest November 2017: 3rd Place Continue reading Third Place and Proud of it!

Two More Great Stories – and the Tension is Mounting.

Another announcement from Dan Alatorre, host of the Word Weaver Writing Contest. I am excited and delighted to report that I’m in the top four. But look at the quality of the stories that were there at the finish, just nipping at my heels. via Word Weaver Writing Contest November 2017 5th Place and 4th Place Winners Continue reading Two More Great Stories – and the Tension is Mounting.

More Remembrance

Rebecca Bryn is an author who is content to self-publish. As such she is one of a handful of writers who deserve far greater recognition than is usually accorded to those who do not have the huge publicity machine of a conventional publishing company behind them. I can unhesitatingly recommend all of her growing list of superbly written historical novels, not forgetting one of the best apocalyptic post-climate change fictions you are ever likely to read. Here she pays tribute to her grandfather and all those young men from ‘Pals’ regiments that endured the privations of World War I. via … Continue reading More Remembrance