Local Radio Sharing Good News Stories #WATWB

For this month’s #WTWB contribution I’m singing the praises of local radio for its ability to bring good news stories to its audience. Towards the end of June my local station, Midlands 103, featured an interview with a circus performer … Continue reading Local Radio Sharing Good News Stories #WATWB

Robbie’s Million Steps

About 6 months after we arrived in Ireland the presenter of the early morning show on our local radio station left. Among the new voices that took his place was one with a very ‘posh English’ accent. But Robbie Donnelly did not do much presenting in the months and years that followed. He became the voice of promotional events. Indeed, in those first weeks, in the spring and summer of 2007, he would turn up at a randomly selected home each breakfast time to present, live on air, a prize to any householder who could show him a loaf produced … Continue reading Robbie’s Million Steps