Monday Memories – September 1965

An occasional series in which I share some significant events from my past. Our first flat was on the first floor of a large Victorian house. It consisted of two adjacent rooms with high ceilings and no interconnecting door. We had to go out on to a landing shared with a couple of other tenants in order to get from living room to bedroom. We shared the bathroom with the other tenants on that landing and had a kitchenette not much bigger than a wardrobe at the far end of the landing. Both rooms had gas fires. There was no … Continue reading Monday Memories – September 1965

Saigon to Belfast – and Back – With Love #WATWB

The story I’m linking to today first appeared in January although I only came across it via a segment on the BBC’s One Show on Wednesday. In 1975, as the Vietnam war was drawing to a chaotic close, a young Vietnamese woman became ill. She placed her infant son in the care of an orphanage whist she was hospitalised for treatment. Soon afterwards American soldiers removed the children from the orphanage for protection in the face of rapidly advancing Viet Cong troops. Subsequently American planes evacuated a large number of orphan children to the USA. Not to be out done … Continue reading Saigon to Belfast – and Back – With Love #WATWB