What a difference a year makes…

Juliet Nubel was born in Glasgow but now live in France. She began revealing her writing to the public just a year ago, as she explains below. She is one of the 20 authors who  have contributed to the anthology “The Box Under The Bed”. Her story is heart-breakingly tragic rather than “scary” in the usually accepted sense. It occupies just two pages at the end of which you find yourself asking “what would I have done in that situation?” A situation, by the way, faced by many people every day. Source: What a difference a year makes… Continue reading What a difference a year makes…

Being Published in “The Box Under The Bed”

Another of my fellow contributors to the scary anthology describes the experience. I have just revisited Adele’s story to remind me of its brilliance. It is a remarkable achievement to combine the slowly building tension of a classic horror story with a powerful statement about attitudes to mental illness. But it is just one of 27 tales from 20 different authors in this book. A cornucopia of stories to set your skin creeping and your blood curdling. Perfect for Halloween or any dark night. Source: Being Published in “The Box Under The Bed” Continue reading Being Published in “The Box Under The Bed”

Media Training for Authors – Advertising – Covers, Titles and Key Words by Sally Cronin

I’ve heard fellow authors complain about what they see as a lack of support from other writers. Not a charge you can level against Sally Cronin. Here she explains the importance of getting each element of your sales pitch spot on. Source: Media Training for Authors – Advertising – Covers, Titles and Key Words by Sally Cronin Continue reading Media Training for Authors – Advertising – Covers, Titles and Key Words by Sally Cronin

Literature: #atozchallenge

As writers we all aspire to produce great literature. But what, precisely, does that mean? According to Merriam-Webster, one definition is: written works (such as poems, plays, and novels) that are considered to be very good and to have lasting importance. It’s that last bit, about lasting importance, that carries the rub for contemporary writers. How old will we be when we see the physical evidence of that? Perhaps, if a writer is clever enough to produce high quality work in his or her twenties, by the time he or she is my age it might be clear. If he … Continue reading Literature: #atozchallenge

Is ‘The General Reader’ a Mythical Creature?

The other day I read an interesting blog post by a literary agent. Although originally produced in December 2015, it had been shared on March 20th in The Writing Reader’s ‘Carnival of Creativity‘. In the post, originally published on Jane Friedman’s blog, Rebecca Faith Heyman contends that too many writers have no idea who their audience is. When asked, they are apt to respond with a sentence containing the phrase ‘every reader’. Every reader, she insisted, does not exist. He or she is a myth. I beg to differ – although I would substitute ‘general reader’ for ‘every reader’. “In … Continue reading Is ‘The General Reader’ a Mythical Creature?

Getting Your Book Into Print.

I have posted previously about my experience using CreateSpace. I thought it might be useful for people to see a guide to what other options are available for getting your book into print. If you haven’t considered doing so, it is worth remembering that thirty-six percent of book buyers read only print books. That’s according to a 2015 survey conducted by the Codex Groups and quoted in this New York Times article. It is a significant chunk of the market that you are unable to reach if you limit yourself to digital. CreateSpace, and the other businesses I’ll be reviewing … Continue reading Getting Your Book Into Print.

Primer, Undercoat, Gloss.

No painter/decorator worth his salt would apply gloss paint to a door without first treating it with primer and undercoat. And, before any of that, a good sanding down is in order. So why do some writers think the ‘gloss’ of proof reading is all they need before publishing? Eamon did an excellent job on my latest novel, Transgression. This is why: http://writingfromtheoutsidein.blogspot.ie/2016/01/the-folly-of-taking-shortcuts-have-your.html Continue reading Primer, Undercoat, Gloss.

A Better Book Promo Site

See that logo on the right? That shows I belong to, and actively support, the site with that name. Here‘s a link to the site. Readers will find books there, categorised by author and by genre. Authors can get a listing there. Author members support each other with shares and reviews. The developers are authors themselves, all independently published, many with ‘day jobs’. There is an associated Facebook group and a hashtag for tweeting: #IASD. Some of the members have produced an anthology that they’re selling to support the UK’s Macmillan Cancer Support.   Continue reading A Better Book Promo Site