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As you should know by now, I have a story in this. The choice of narrator was undertaken jointly by all of the authors. Dan posted samples from all the applicants on Facebook (in a private group) and we each listened and indicated our preference. I had no hesitation in choosing Kasi and am not surprised that the majority of the other authors agreed.

Meanwhile, I have recorded my own reading of my story and that will be posted in a virtual Halloween Party next week.


Anthology Ideology: A Guest Post by J. A. Allen

I have no idea what a ‘gif’ is, and I haven’t clicked any of those links. But I did enjoy reading Ms Allen’s apocalyptic tale in the anthology. If you haven’t yet acquired a copy I urge you to do so. It’s great for dipping in to, just like a box you might find under a bed or in an attic, full of surprises, some to make your skin crawl, or the hairs on the back of you neck to stand up, all revealing the darker side of the human imagination.

Source: Anthology Ideology: A Guest Post by J. A. Allen

What a difference a year makes…

Juliet Nubel was born in Glasgow but now live in France. She began revealing her writing to the public just a year ago, as she explains below. She is one of the 20 authors who  have contributed to the anthology “The Box Under The Bed”. Her story is heart-breakingly tragic rather than “scary” in the usually accepted sense. It occupies just two pages at the end of which you find yourself asking “what would I have done in that situation?” A situation, by the way, faced by many people every day.

Source: What a difference a year makes…

Being Published in “The Box Under The Bed”

Another of my fellow contributors to the scary anthology describes the experience. I have just revisited Adele’s story to remind me of its brilliance. It is a remarkable achievement to combine the slowly building tension of a classic horror story with a powerful statement about attitudes to mental illness. But it is just one of 27 tales from 20 different authors in this book. A cornucopia of stories to set your skin creeping and your blood curdling. Perfect for Halloween or any dark night.

Source: Being Published in “The Box Under The Bed”

Our Review of The Box Under The Bed by Dan Alatorre @savvystories #Horror

All the pre-ordered Kindle editions of the anthology are now with readers. And here, already, is another review! “each [of the stories] is a darned good read” What are you waiting for?


Source: Our Review of The Box Under The Bed by Dan Alatorre @savvystories #Horror