Are Your Categories Making Sense?

I knew mine were not always quite right, but couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it. And then I read this from Karen over on Booker Talk. One thing I discovered is that reblogs default to ‘uncategorised’. I’ve reallocated … Continue reading Are Your Categories Making Sense?

Welcome: the new, improved ‘Press This’

Hugh, of Hugh’s Views and News posted this video tutorial about the return of the WordPress ‘Press This’ sharing button which now has improved functionality. via The WordPress ‘Press This’ Sharing Button Is Back Continue reading Welcome: the new, improved ‘Press This’

Farewell to Press This

Not thanks to WordPress for not letting us know they had disabled this handy button. I found out via Chris the Story Reading Ape who shared a post by Hugh’s New and Views. Turns out that it was disabled sometime on Friday night/Saturday morning 3rd/4th November, depending where you live I guess. After Hugh did his post, which I shared, explaining how much more useful that button was than the reblog button, I had started using it a lot. It turns out that nasty folk had been misusing it to spam people with phishing software. So what to do now? … Continue reading Farewell to Press This