Monday Memories – Beginnings #15: Missing the Bus

I protested my innocence. In this I was encouraged by our practical joker who insisted I raise the, by now full, mug so that the woman could see the Woolworths logo on the base. Continue reading Monday Memories – Beginnings #15: Missing the Bus

Monday Memories – September 1965

An occasional series in which I share some significant events from my past. Our first flat was on the first floor of a large Victorian house. It consisted of two adjacent rooms with high ceilings and no interconnecting door. We had to go out on to a landing shared with a couple of other tenants in order to get from living room to bedroom. We shared the bathroom with the other tenants on that landing and had a kitchenette not much bigger than a wardrobe at the far end of the landing. Both rooms had gas fires. There was no … Continue reading Monday Memories – September 1965