Monday Memories: Beginnings #2 – A Cotage by a Stream

A pipe protrudes from the near face of the tank. From it water dribbles into a bucket. Ivy cannot help but notice that some of the khaki coloured deposits left by the cows has landed on the edge of the flags. Continue reading Monday Memories: Beginnings #2 – A Cotage by a Stream

An Irish Heroine

Here’s something we don’t hear enough about. Ireland was neutral during World War II which it euphemistically called ‘The Emergency’. The Prime Minister at the time even astonished Allied leaders by sending his condolences to the German government on the death by suicide of Adolf Hitler. But many ordinary Irish people went beyond the call of duty in their humanitarian response to the suffering caused by fascism. Here David Lawlor tells us about a Cork woman whose efforts saved the lives of thousands of children. via Ireland’s Holocaust heroine Continue reading An Irish Heroine

Tailor: #atozchallenge

On my mother’s marriage certificate, dated 2nd January 1940, she is described as ‘journeyman tailor’, and ‘telephonist with ARP’. ARP stands for Air Raid Precautions and relates to the fact that it was 4 months since Britain had declared war on Germany. Air raids were expected but had not yet taken place. In fact it would be another 9 months before the first of the raids that came to be known as ‘The Blitz’ took place. From 7 September 1940, one year into the war, London was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 57 consecutive nights. More than one million London … Continue reading Tailor: #atozchallenge