Want a Free Critique?

How good is your writing? Find out by entering this contest. Every entry gets a free critique. That alone is worth the entry fee. Most other contests require an additional fee for a critique – that is if they even offer one. https://danalatorre.com/2018/03/09/10-reasons-why-you-should-enter-dan-alatorres-march-2018-word-weaver-writing-contest/ Continue reading Want a Free Critique?

Looking for a Title

Back in November I posted about coming third in Dan Alatorre’s “Word Weaver” contest with the theme of “Relationships”. The short listed stories are going to be published in an anthology soon. But we are stuck for a title. Feel free to offer your suggestions in the comments either here or on Dan’s original blog post. via What should the title be for an anthology about “relationships”? (And what should the cover look like?) Continue reading Looking for a Title

More About Coming Third

This is the writer whose story came second in Dan Alatorre’s recent Word Weaver contest. If you didn’t read her story it’s here. Continue reading to discover her many other successes and learn of her dedication to continuously improving her skill level. Now I know why I only managed third place, although doing so against such strong competition is something of which I am proud. via Word Weaver 2nd Place Winner Susan Solomon Continue reading More About Coming Third

Two More Terrific Tales

Today I’m sharing the winner and second place stories from the November Word Weaver contest from Dan Alatorre’s website. They are both excellent and well deserve their placement on the top of the heap. Also in Dan’s post today are first details of how you can enter the next Word Weaver contest. You get a professional critique from Dan, just for entering. And there are great opportunities to have your work noticed across Dan’s international network. https://danalatorre.com/2017/12/21/word-weaver-writing-contest-november-2017-1st-place-winner/ Continue reading Two More Terrific Tales

Two More Great Stories – and the Tension is Mounting.

Another announcement from Dan Alatorre, host of the Word Weaver Writing Contest. I am excited and delighted to report that I’m in the top four. But look at the quality of the stories that were there at the finish, just nipping at my heels. via Word Weaver Writing Contest November 2017 5th Place and 4th Place Winners Continue reading Two More Great Stories – and the Tension is Mounting.


I’ve never made it beyond the status of ”also ran” in any contest I’ve ever entered. Dan’s “Word Weaver” was one of 3 I entered in November. The other two don’t make their selections public until February. This is a good start! Now comes the wait to see how high up this list I end up.  Either way you are going to get the chance to read it at some point on Dan’s site. Then you will be able to make your own judgement. via HERE ARE YOUR FINALISTS in the November 2017 Word Weaver Writing Contest Continue reading Long-listed!