Weekend Walk in the Garden #18 – 2nd August 2020

There is not much that is new to show you this week so I thought I’d try to be a bit creative with the camera angles. Beginning with the dahlias as seen from the footpath outside the property:

Next, a view along the path in front of the house towards the pink buddleia with lavender in the foreground.

The bees are still busy in the lavender. Not easy getting them to sit still long enough for a portrait, though!

Over in the rose bed these anterhinums sould be dead by now. I planted them at least two years ago and they have produced several flushes of bloom ever since.

Nearby I planted a couple of begonias to fill a gap this year. The pansies are self seeded from a previous year!

Round the back, the James Grieve eating apples are ripening nicely and, unlike previous years, they are not exhibiting too many scabs or blemishes. That could be the result of the grease band I wrapped around the trunk last autumn.

Here is a view from the corner behind the summer house toward the white buddleia. The pond is in the middle of the picture, under the overhanging prostrate conifer.

Sometimes you have to look into dark corners to find surprises, usually the result of something self seeding. Here (left) a pretty little antirhinum and (right) a shy pansy.

And, in the greenhouse the tomatoes are ripening. The picture is misleading, however: they are not as large as they seem!

Thank you for visiting. Before you leave just breathe in the scent of these:

6 thoughts on “Weekend Walk in the Garden #18 – 2nd August 2020

  1. Your apples look lovely. Our Bramleys are doing well, we had the tree surgeon tidy in up in the autumn and we have also lopped off rotten branches in the past. I don’t think there’s anything left of the original tree, no idea how old it is. The wind has blown a lot down, but plenty still hanging on.

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